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We’ve spent nearly two decades farming here at Kohl Family Farm in the Coachella Valley.

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Our dates are hand-picked in three rounds during harvest for perfect ripeness.

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Our ideal location lets us harness the power of the Golden California sunshine year round.

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Our rich sandy soils let us get away with minimal intervention: no pesticides, herbicides, or fungicides here!

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The Colorado River provides us with the purest water for our finely-tuned water needs— we don’t waste a drop!

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All of these things combine to create 500 acres of palm orchard that truly are a California Dream.

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Brand values

What We Stand For

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Organic Living

Organic is a lifestyle for us. It’s how we feed our family and so of course we had to ensure our ranch was USDA organic certified.

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We hand pick which allows us to ensure we’re picking high-quality, perfectly ripe fruit.

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From how we farm down to our packaging, we’re making sure we’re good stewards of this planet earth that we all share.

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Our family is everything. Our family farm produces our livelihood, and our hardworking team is an extension of our family.

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Just like we strive to sow only good things into the ground, we strive to sow only goodness into the world as well. In our experience, when you’re good to people, it comes back to you ten fold (and more)!

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Health & Wellness

We set out to grow a healthy snack as part of a healthier lifestyle. We want to help people everywhere eat better, improving their overall quality of life.

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Our Farm

Our family farm has grown medjool dates for nearly two decades in the Coachella Valley region of California

Our family (and extended family)

This is the team that makes a great date.

Founder and Date Aficionado. Uses a Medjool Date shaped surf board- yes he gets strange looks. Secretly sponsored by Patagonia (not a very good secret). Does not believe in penguin suits- keep it simple and approachable!

David Kohl

Describe your perfect date: Two dates, a fresh coconut, warm water and an empty line up.

Founder of Venice Brands and co-founder of Joolies. Passionate about building consumer brands and creating healthy products that people love.

Greg Willsey

Describe your perfect date: Two dates with almond butter and dark chocolate after a home-cooked meal.

CEO helping those that wanna date have the best date on our planet.

Mark Masten

King of All Things Logistics, Office DJ, Hot sauce Aficionado.  Lives life on the edge by leaving his lunches in the sun prior to eating (claims this is to reduce his carbon foot print)!

Mark Shirley

Describe your perfect date: A juicy Joolies wrapped in BACON!

Director of marketing, obsessed with discovering new brands in the healthy snacking space! Left my heart in the Bay Area but loving the LA sunshine.

Emily Lee

Describe your perfect date: Ice cream for dessert with Joolies date syrup of course!

Brand Manager aka Joolies highkey Hype-man-da. Obsessed with all things F&B marketing. Loves a good adventure under the SoCal sunshine and honestly spends most of the time looking for her keys.

Amanda Sains

Describe your perfect date: On a charcuterie board along with delicious meats, cheeses and healthy snacks! #wefancy

 Inside Sales/International Peace Keeper. Team mom and keeper of the snacks. Hustles so hard- it has to be labeled. Doubles as a Kindergarten Teacher & Therapist in times of need. Doesn’t mind unicorns…just saying.

Sammi Carsey

Describe your perfect date: An understated Premium Organic Medjool- delicious, nutritious without all the fuss!

Date-able business-savvy SVP that works on all aspects from the farm to the table. From walking the farm to globetrotting abroad, she’s always sharing this SoCal Superfruit.

Kara Connor

Describe your perfect date: Date break energy boost between beach volleyball games or while traveling abroad.