• Who is Joolies?
    We are farmers of organic medjool dates bringing you the freshest quality dates California has to offer. Our ranch has 500 acres, over 25,000 date palm trees nestled in Coachella Valley, California. One of the greatest places on earth to grow dates.
  • How long has Joolies been around?
    Our farm has been around for nearly two decades, supplying dates with other growers and sold through traditional channels. We saw a staleness in what consumer products were being offered and decided we wanted to take control of the entire journey of the date, guaranteeing quality of care from first pick off the tree through packing.
  • Why start Joolies now?
    We saw an opportunity to innovate and wake up a sleepy category. Other offerings are thrown in plastic bins with no real recognition, as a brand or even as a fruit. Sadly, dates are a second-thought in the United States. They’re used as an ingredient or part of a recipe. Medjool dates are so luscious and nutritious, we believe they deserve their own spotlight. Overseas, medjool dates are much more prevalent - as common as bananas or apples and shared and gifted to loved ones as sweet treats. We want to wake up that love of date-ing in America.
  • Why should I choose Joolies?
    Joolies is one of the largest organic growers in California, and we put people and sustainability first. Our dates are hand-harvested at peak ripeness using Afron lifts - wide platforms that allow our team members to work safely, more effectively and efficiently. Though you would think that the days of ladders and machetes would be long gone, this is a practice that even some of our neighbors still use today.
  • Do you export?
    Yes, we meet global organic quality standards and export various grades of fruit. We recognize medjools are enjoyed much more frequently around the world and are happy to export our California Superfruit. Our mission is to bring that joy for medjools back home. Please contact info@joolies.com or fill out the Wholesale Form (link) to learn more about our export wholesale offering!
  • Where did you sell your dates over the last 20 years?
    We supplied our dates with other growers’ fruit that was then sold in traditional channels. But we recognized our organic quality stood out and wanted to break away from the pack.
  • Where are you distributed?
    We are available on our website currently and working with partners to distribute in Southern California and all regions of the country. Please reach out to info@joolies.com or fill out the Get In Touch form to bring Joolies to your store! Are you a consumer? Fill out this product request form to bring to your favorite shopping destination and let us know if you do! info@joolies.com
  • Still have questions or interested in learning more?
    Say hello@joolies.com
  • Why is Coachella Valley, California so great for growing dates?
    The perfect culmination of strong sun, rich soil and pure water from the Colorado River.
  • Hand-harvested off what?
    Did you know dates are grown on palm trees? Medjool dates specifically need to be hand-picked because they are much larger and more delicate than other dates like deglet noors. Whereas other dates allow their palm fronds to be chopped and harvested later. Also, by hand-picking in three passes of harvest, we guarantee that each date is picked when it is perfectly ripe.
  • Dates are dried, right?
    Not Joolies. Our dates are always fresh never dried.
  • What’s so great about a date?
    Medjool dates are known as the “King of Dates” for many reasons. These fresh fruits are a natural energy source, containing fiber, magnesium and an abundance of other vitamins and minerals. Not to mention they taste like caramel, which is why we’ve dubbed them “California Palm Tree Candy”!
  • How and when should I eat dates or date syrup?
    Dates are fresh fruit! So they’re great for snacking on their own, before or after a workout, added into savory recipes, sweet recipes or even as a natural sweetener. Around the world, dates are just as common, if not MORE common than bananas or apples by the checkout counter of the convenient store and/or your favorite coffee shop. On the other end, medjool dates are recognized as the King of Dates and a common welcome gift for new guests or given as gifts for special occasions- like chocolates. They really are nature’s candy - California Palm Tree Candy. Our syrups can be used to sweeten just about anything you use regular sugar or maple syrup for; coffee, oats, yogurt, pancakes, etc. However, unlike table/maple sugar- medjool date syrup still holds all of the vitamins and minerals found in the whole date.
  • Still have questions or interested in learning more?
    Say hello@joolies.com
  • Are Joolies dates processed with nuts or allergens?
    Our dates are processed in a facility with robust allergen control and sanitation programs in place to prevent any cross-contamination of allergens. We cannot however say they are in a free-from allergen facility.
  • Why is organic important with dates?
    We do not use preservatives or any additives - that means our fruit is fresher and held to the highest quality standards that we’d only feed to our own families. Palms have stringy roots around the surface of the soil as well as deep roots that go into the ground in order to drink as much desert moisture as possible — they’re looking for every last drop of water they find in the desert. That means if a farmer sprays herbicides like glysophate [ROUND-UP] to control the weeds, then the palms are drinking that too and it’s going to get into the trees. Recent research and litigation has proven the ills of these harmful chemicals. We vow to never use them. Conventional date growers who claim to be pesticide free will still most likely use herbicides for weed control. Don’t be fooled. As part of our initiative for clean farming practices and sustainability, we actually have owl boxes throughout the farm to help with pest and critter control. The birds are happy, and we’re happy too!
  • Do your dates contain sulfur dioxide?
    Our dates do not contain sulphur dioxide and in fact we’re not using any chemicals: pesticides, herbicides or fungicides.
  • Are your dates vegan?
  • Are your dates gluten free?
    Yes dates are inherently gluten free
  • Are your dates Paleo?
    Dates themselves are paleo friendly and are a refined sugar substitute. They can be used as an alternative sweetener to your paleo creations!
  • Health Benefits of dates?
    Dates have numerous health benefits. They’re a natural source of energy, full of potassium, fiber and magnesium. These fresh fruit are low on the glycemic index, meaning they won’t spike your blood sugar. Experts have done the research, read more: https://draxe.com/medjool-dates/ , https://www.organicfacts.net/medjool-dates.html
  • Still have questions or interested in learning more?
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  • Tell us about your packaging
    When we set out to create Joolies, we wanted to redefine the category and people’s perception of medjool dates and also keep snacking and functionality top of mind. We made very deliberate decisions from the start to have an eco-friendly box. Respecting the environment is something that we consider in any aspect of how we operate. This alone differentiates us from our competitors. Our boxes are not only made from recycled material but are also recyclable. No more plastic clamshells. We also wanted to create packaging that people would be excited to pick up, to have on their counter at home, or to share proudly with friends. We felt the tray of fresh medjool dates in a nostalgic VHS-like sleeve was a playful way to achieve this goal. Our grocery category is full of generic plastic tubs that get lost in the sea of produce items. What better way to give medjool dates the spotlight than showcasing them in a vertical, vibrantly colored box. Something that catches people’s eye and draws them towards the shelf and conveys that sunny and bright California vibe. We want all consumers to be intrigued - and who doesn’t love a good date?
  • How did you land on the brand identity?
    We worked with a design agency out of San Francisco called Hatch Design. We knew we wanted to celebrate the date for what it is, a royal jewel in our hearts yes, but in reality it’s seen as a commodity with no brand recognition. We knew we couldn’t just be another me-too desert palm tree date company. The date industry is very antiquated, and we needed to bring life and energy, while also tying in our Southern California roots in a unique way — another fine line to breach when dealing with iconic regions. However, it was a vibe we sought to evoke which is a sense of California Fancy: Palm Springs Hotel meets Venice Boardwalk and Abbott Kinney. Desert meets coast. Someplace vibrant you know and want to visit. Coincidentally we ended up in a California Mint Green brand color. We knew we wanted to pop and what better way than to be completely unique and own a color that’s so identifiable with a luxury icon. It was love at first sight.
  • Still have questions or interested in learning more?
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